5 Products to Help Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

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You pet can develop the same painful dental ailments that you do, including tartar, decay, and gum disease. The only difference is that your pet can’t brush their own teeth! That’s right: YOU should be brushing your pet’s teeth daily (or at the very least, three times a week) to keep their oral health in “purr-fect” condition. With so many pets eating processed diets, owners must regularly brush their teeth to prevent oral disease. While you may think that that’s a difficult task to accomplish, these five products will make the process easier and more effective.

  1. Pet Toothbrush
  2. A finger brush is a little toothbrush that slips over your finger for easy control. It’s less daunting for a pet that isn’t familiar with getting their teeth brushed or is scared of larger pet-friendly toothbrushes. Unfortunately, finger brushes can’t get in all the nooks and crannies of your pet’s teeth; once your pet becomes more comfortable getting their teeth brushed, try switching to a pet toothbrush with very soft bristles.

  3. Enzymatic Toothpaste
  4. Human toothpaste is toxic for animals and should never be used on your pet’s teeth. There are many enticing flavors of pet-friendly toothpaste that are safe and tasty for your pet to ingest (think: cheese, chicken, and bacon!). Toothpaste that is enzymatic breaks up plaque on the surface of your pet’s teeth while lifting stains.

  5. Mouth Spray
  6. If your pet really fights getting their teeth brushed, try giving them a couple spritzes of a pet-safe mouth spray instead. While it won’t be nearly as effective at breaking up plaque as brushing with an enzymatic toothpaste and toothbrush, it is certainly better than nothing and can improve your pet’s bad breath instantly.

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  7. Chew Toys
  8. Pets are inherent chewers, and chewing is a natural way to remove plaque from their teeth. Offer your pet specially-made bones and chew toys to help clean their teeth, stimulate their gums, provide an outlet for any pent-up energy or stress, and protect your furniture from getting destroyed.

  9. Dental Treats
  10. Regularly give your pet a dental chew treat to freshen their breath between brushings. There are many brands and flavors of treats that will help fight plaque and bacteria growth on your pet’s teeth; select a product that has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar. These will be a yummy reward to your pet that will also improve their oral health.

Take Your Pet to the Vet & Come See Our Dentist!

It’s always best to have your veterinarian thoroughly check your pet’s teeth during their annual exams to make sure that they are not developing oral disease. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep up with your own daily brushing and flossing routine. Schedule regular checkups with Dr. Sohn too! We hope to see you soon. Contact us to book your next appointment at Sohn Dental today!

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